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Police Director
Eugene Venable

Eugene Venable started his career with the Newark Police Department in July 1996. Upon completion of the Newark Police Academy, he was assigned to the West District where he quickly gained the respect of his co-workers and constituents, becoming known as a hard working, professional police officer.

In 2002, Director Venable was promoted to Sergeant. He continued his career in the West district as a patrol supervisor until February 2003 when he was transferred the Inspections Unit of the Office of the Police Director. After several months with the inspections unit, then-Sergeant Venable was moved to the FBI Drug and Gang Task Force. In 2004, he was offered a position as an investigator in Internal Affairs where he remained until becoming the Operations Sergeant in the 5th Precinct.

As a Sergeant, Director Venable held several other positions throughout the Police Department before being promoted to Lieutenant in 2006. Newly promoted Lieutenant Venable was assigned to the Advocate Section for a short stint before becoming Executive Officer, once again in the 5th Precinct. As the second in command, he assisted the Precinct Captain in the day-to-day operations of the precinct. He ultimately held positions in the Office of the Director of Police, was transferred to the CompStat Unit as its commander and finally, in 2010, to the Finance Section before his promotion to Captain.

In May 2011, Captain Venable became the Commander of the 5th Precinct. During his tenure, from 2011 to 2013, until being named Director of Police, crime dropped in the South Ward three years consecutively. Complaints by citizens decreased as well as complaints by officers to the union by 50%. Captain Venable was awarded the Chief of Police's Commander's Award in 2013.

Director Venable holds an Associate's Degree from Essex County College. He continued his education at the New Jersey City University receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. Thereafter he attended Fairleigh Dickerson University where he received his Master's Degree in Government and Non-Profit Administration. The Director also attended the University of Virginia and trained at FBI National Academy and the Senior Management Institute for Police.

Police Director


Chief Chief of Police
Anthony Campos

Anthony Campos as Chief of Police. He previously served in that role, being appointed to the position in 2006, and was the youngest Chief of Police in the department's history and also the first person of Portuguese descent to do so.

"I am honored that Mayor Baraka has asked me to return as Chief of Police," Chief Campos said, "I have dedicated my entire adult life to public service and am immensely proud of this uniform and what it signifies. I am privileged to serve the people of our great city and to lead the men and women of the Newark Police Department whom I've served alongside, the finest officers in the world, bar none, and I thank Mayor Baraka for his faith and trust. I will never let him, my department, or my city and its people down."

Chief Campos was born in the City of Newark and graduated from East Side High School, joining the Newark Police Department immediately thereafter. He holds a Masters in Public Administration from Rutgers University and was inducted into the Pi Alpha Alpha National Honor Society. He is a graduate of the prestigious Northwestern University, Center for Public Safety, School of Police Staff & Command and has completed both the Leadership Newark and the Leadership New Jersey fellowship programs. He has commanded every precinct in the city, reducing crime and increasing satisfaction, and has held every sworn rank within the police department. He has founded, led, and/or is a member of many community and civic organizations and still resides in the City.

Chief of Police